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Miss Julianne, you will always be remembered as the best friend anyone could have. She doted over another client and reported to me anything out of the ordinary or just plain joyful to hear. She loved when I brought in my grandkids for visits and was the neighbor everyone desired. We celebrated a birthday and Miss Julianne had to show her “mysterious side” for the camera. There was no mystery. Julianne is just good people. Plain and simple.

Donna and Julia …two best buds. Here 2 Help had a double move for these ladies. Both moving to an assisted living and their friendship got even stronger. When you move someone, dive into their memories and collections, sometimes you just click. Julia and I clicked. We just loved caring for these ladies during their move. We had fun and loved hanging with them. Donna passed away recently so Julia’s smile faded for a bit. We have nice phone conversations chatting about Donna and our respective families. Hats off to friendship!

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Miss Louise and Miss Norean…this match was made in heaven! When Louise and Norean shared a building a friendship was born. Their love for each other, respect and kindness to all those around makes having them near you fun and joyful. The world needs more of both of them…The Noreans that love their neighbor and care for them through thick and thin, and the Louises that are kind and pleasant and sharp and HILARIOUS! God, I love my job!

Look at those 3 ladies! Glyneece won my heart as well as my daughter and granddaughter’s heart! She was always a joy to visit and really loved the company. She had to go to a rehab for a bit after hurting her arm. We made sure we visited as much as possible. She wouldn’t be able to name our names but she knew us. She knew us deep down and knew we loved her. Some people don’t like to mix business and personal, but this business is personal. If the opportunity arises, I introduce those I love to those I love.

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Dale! Colin! Dale has been my client for over 3 years. Dale is family. He didn’t start out that way but became that way to me. With his closest relative living out of state we met Dale when he had made the decision to move into an Assisted Living Facility. We helped him decide what would fit at his new place. Packed him up, moved his goodies and unpacked him. We hung his many amazing pictures all over his walls and made his place amazing! When he had to move once again, we did the same thing for him. He is a proud Veteran and was honored at my grandson Colin’s school for Veteran’s Day. He is a proud honorary grandpa to my grandkids and with Dale around, all things seem simpler and happier.

Miss Murleen was my very first Pack-n-Move! Her and her husband, Les, needed help packing and getting into a facility. I took on the challenge and it became my focus from then on. I realized how much Seniors needed that service and fell in love with another way to help them. I got to know her and her husband pretty well and they brought me so much joy. They were kind and funny and a joy to chat with. Thank you, Murleen.

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Miss Glyneece stole my heart. I checked in on her at the facilities that she lived in and kept in touch with her family out of state. We went to a variety of appointments and sometimes just hung out. Her memory was fading but her earliest ones were still very alive within her. She was so proud of her family. So very proud. Her stories were entertaining. She was such a gracious person with her politeness always at the forefront. She will not be forgotten.

Sometimes, after I move someone into their new place we get to spend some time together. Sometimes their family lives out of town and I’m their outside contact. John had difficulty expressing himself with words due to brain disease. But he communicated with his eyes and his actions. We played charades a lot and he was an excellent actor and I was pretty good at guessing. Before he moved away to be closer to his family, he had a moment of complete clarity and spoke the words I’ll never forget. No hesitation, no struggle for vocabulary…he said: “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, really!”
Life is good.

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When Genny was moving for the first time out of independent living, she was 102 years old. She needed to move to Peoria, IL from St Louis, MO to get closer to her family. We had never done a move that far but agreed quickly to help her out. Genny and I go back a bit. She introduced my parents to each other about 70 years ago. She invited my dad to a church function and there he saw his future wife, peeling potatoes for the crowd. He’s been eating ever since! He says that she was very appealing, and sometimes we laugh! She’s holding a dish that my mom gave to her from their honeymoon in 1955 to New Orleans. Genny has since turned 103 and swears to me, she came into this world during a pandemic of the Spanish Flu and she’s NOT going out during this one! Go Genny! Thanks for making it all possible.

Caring for Miss Louise has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. A month short of turning 100, she’s a delight to know. She loves singing and when I visited she would jam out on my Bose headphones and sing until her heart was content. She really loves her hymns and got me to love them, too. If you’re a caregiver, ALWAYS find out their genre of music and play it for them! Most love it! Caring for the elderly ROCKS!

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