Organization & Declutter

Mom fell! She needs help getting around now, and it’s looking like this will be a permanent situation. Her house is not safe for her anymore and she will not go into Assisted Living at this time. What do we do?

Call Here 2 Help! We can organize and declutter, providing a safe space for Mom to get around and live in.

Dad finally decided he needed help with the yard work because it was too much for him to handle alone. He is struggling with the housework, too, especially since Mom passed. A Senior Living Facility is in his not so distant future and he has 50 years worth of stuff to organize. What do we do?

Call Here 2 Help! We can help you plan for the pending move, organize your items, distribute items to family members, donate your items to a charity of your choice, and whatever else you may need to prepare.

Grandma’s cabinets are so unorganized. She can’t bend over to organize the ones on the floor and she’s too short to really reach the top shelves of the upper cabinet. A step stool is out of the question and with the demanding hours of my job, I can’t help her like I would like to. What do we do?

Call Here 2 Help! We’ll go through those pesky cabinets, clean them all up, purge what you want, keep what you want, and get it to a smoothly operating living area again.

Mom and Dad haven’t been in their basement in ten years. They just moved into a Senior Living Facility and I just simply cannot empty out that basement! I’m pretty sure they saved everything they touched for 50 years. What do we do?

Call Here 2 Help! We’ll work through that area with you and get it to the point you desire, whether it’s emptying everything, or simply getting it looking like something more manageable for you.

Sis is buying again. She has been addicted for years and now that she is elderly, it’s becoming a safety issue. She is a hoarder and needs to get rid of so many things, but she will not let me touch them. What do we do?

Call Here 2 Help! We have experience with hoarding and an overabundance of items. We don’t get intimidated. We dive in and get it to the best results possible. We’ll get items donated if desired and the space cleaned.

My grandkids destroy the playroom and they’re too precious to ask them to clean up. After all, that’s what their own house is for. I really do need that room cleaned though, and I can’t get to it on my own. What do I do?

Call Here 2 Help! We’ll clean up after those little whippersnappers and they won’t believe how clean and sparkly it is on their next visit! And after that next visit…give us another call! We got this.

Dad and his garage. How he loved going out there tinkering with who knows what for hours and hours. Since he fell, it’s been harder for him to get out there and play, and honestly, it’s becoming a bit of a mess. What do we do?

Call Here 2 Help! We will clean out that garage and try our best to get it to its former glory and alleviate some stress knowing it’s a mess out there.

It’s getting harder and harder for Mom to do simple housework. She has always had a pristine home, and while she will likely be at a Senior Living Facility, she just isn’t there yet, and her office space really needs to be organized. What do we do?

Call Here 2 Help! We will declutter that space of all of that overwhelming paperwork and make Mom feel proud of her space once again.

Mom and Dad are finally settled in their Senior Living Facility. When Here 2 Help so expertly and professionally moved them in, it was like a dream! Everything was organized and wonderful, but after all this time, it’s turned into a cluttered mess again. What do we do?

Call Here 2 Help! We will gladly reorganize their space and purge or donate unnecessary items for them. We will get their space into a smooth, working space again.

Life throws many curveballs our way, most of them cutting into our already very limited time. Here 2 Help, we understand you would rather spend your free time visiting with your loved ones instead of cleaning or decluttering for them, or having them declutter or clean for you. Luckily for you, Here 2 Help is here to do just that….help! We made a business around helping Seniors because we know how busy people are. A lot of time and energy is needed to really dig in and organize and declutter. We have the resources, time, and staff to do just that for you!

We also understand that it’s super difficult sometimes for Seniors to purge some of their things. They’ve spent years collecting and they’re filled with memories. We can help. We can work in one room, or area, or an entire home. We’ll be transparent with our bid and honest with our advice. We’ll accommodate the Senior’s needs throughout the entire process. Sometimes, after a parent passes, the very thought of going into that home to start distributing or purging the items so the house can be sold makes one ill. We will be here to help make the process as painless as possible.

No matter what the situation is, from something as serious as losing a parent or spouse to just wanting to have a place you feel happy and comfortable in once again, we will help! You’ll feel good about your space once again and we hope it relieves your stress. Our goal is to offer you and your loved ones compassion, discretion and professionalism to help alleviate the stress of what you’re facing. All you have to do is call! As always, if we cannot help you, we will find someone that can.