If a clean out is something that moving services Missouri Senior is looking for, we have you covered. We will meet with either the senior or a trusted friend or family member at the seniors old home to go assess their belongings and offer a bid of the number of there are items in the home that have resell value, we will also offer half of whatever we would be able to sell for. We are not only extremely experience and the needs of seniors, but we are experience in the resell value of furniture and other fun knickknacks the seniors may own. This is a consultation, and all consultations with us are absolutely free. Our main mission is to take away stress from the senior, so we will not charge for simple consultation.

Once it is accepted by the senior, we at moving services Missouri senior, get to work. We have multiple experience employees that we work hard and we work efficiently. We are paid hourly for the service, but to ease the seniors mind, we offer a minimum and maximum bid. What this means is we estimate the minimum and maximum amount of hours the clean out will take. If we exceed our maximum number of hours, the senior does not pay. If we take longer, that’s our fault, and we will absolutely not charge extra. We don’t believe in lolly gagging, we only believe in hard work, and the seniors final bill will reflect that.

Moving services Missouri senior, we realize the old house of the seniors filled with precious memories and household necessities. The employees we employ will treat the seniors items with the utmost care and resource. Our highly trained employees are empathetic, kind, and knowledgeable. Everything that was left behind in the seniors old home is carefully packed in our own crates, currently on tour trucks, and unpack carefully on to our facility where we either sell the item or donate them, whatever was agreed upon by the senior. We know that precious memories are tied to most items the senior has left behind. We are honored to help the senior and we would never betray that trust or honor. We care for every item as if it was her own, carefully, and with love.

Now that the senior sellers cleaned out and bring ready, what are the actions was to do with the house? No problem! When you work with us, you know that we will work directly with real estate agents and will gladly refer them to the senior at no extra cost to them. If no real estate agent referral is needed, no worries. We will work closely with whatever real estate agent is selling the seniors house, and in many cases, we will be the point of contact for the real estate agent in the senior. This includes, but is not limited to, being on site for real estate agent appointments, transporting the senior to closing, answering phone calls, advocating for the senior throughout the entire process, and anything else that may come up.

All we want is for the senior to be happy and satisfied, we will go above and beyond to make that happen. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out at her website here2helpsos.com, or give us a call at any time at 636-667-9066.

Moving Services Missouri Senior

We offer complete property and content management for seniors and transitions. Moving services Missouri senior. From a single room move to full service pack-n-moves. From decluttering an organization to full estate buyouts and cleanouts. We offer a free quote with every appointment book with us. Our expertise is working with seniors and their families. We offer fully customizable solutions, extensive experience with seniors, and are always accessible. No matter what your situation is, we are here to make this experience the absolute best and we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied.

We take all the hard work and stresses on moving services Missouri senior and more. One of our many benefits provided to you is you do not have to be charged hourly. We have package pricing which most seniors choose and greatly benefit from. With our package prices, all your necessities are taken care. We will make sure to visit your new place and measure the rooms and wall space and make sure measure all your furniture to help determine what will fit and what won’t fit. We do this with love, patience, and understanding. Then we carefully wrapped all items that we are taking, and we organize them with the help of your decisions so you don’t have to lift a finger.

To continue making moving services Missouri senior the best experience ever had, carefully in conscientiously load up our truck in an offer you a time for the trip so we can meet you at your new location. After we arrive, everything will be unpacked in place in the agreed-upon locations of your new area. We put away all household items neatly after we thoroughly clean each and every item. We also take arranging the court in a very serious matter. It is our goal to create a space that takes you feel welcome. We are here to make you a space that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

Sometimes the smallest things really can make the biggest difference. The step seems really simple, really does make the hugest difference. We hang all of your wall art and wall the court. This is what really makes your place a home. And don’t worry, sometimes we have to disassemble furniture for the move. That will make sure it’s all reassembled and placed correctly so you have no future issues with them. And finally, welcome home! Your home is not complete and will make sure to walk you through to familiarize you with all the new placements.

And if you ever need help rearranging your furniture, or when I add something else from the storage, we will always come out and continue to help in any way possible. All you have to do is call. We would love to hear from you and to start giving you the best possible moving experience. You can find all of her information and more on our website here2helpsos.com, or you can feel free to calls anytime at 636-667-9066 if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.