Here 2 Help offers Full Service Pack and Moves for Seniors.

First and foremost, Here 2 Help provides FREE consultations. We come out to the Senior’s home and assess their needs, wants, worries, and fears. We try to calm any anxieties, and decide how we can assist them in their moving needs. Once we are hired, we then measure the apartment or room the Senior is moving into. We measure each wall, window, and all of the floor space. Next, we help the Senior determine what furniture and personal items will fit into their new place. We take extreme care in measuring their furniture, packing those items into our provided and personal crates, and encouraging as many personal items to move with the Senior as their new home will allow. We label each crate so unpacking the day of the move is easier and more efficient. We are not here to waste anyone’s time, and we know the Senior wants to get into their new home as quickly as possible, and we want to get them there.

Once the move day is determined, we arrange transportation and care for the Senior, if needed, so they don’t have to lift a finger on move day or feel like they’re in the way. Here 2 Help always keeps the needs of the Senior in mind, and the last thing we want the Senior to have to do is lift a finger. Moving is stressful enough, put some of the stress on us! After all, we are Here 2 Help and serve the Senior! Our experienced movers carefully load the furniture and personal belongings into the van or truck and head over to the new home of the Senior.

Once we arrive at their new home, we begin to unload the truck. All of our movers have a specific task. Some of them are strictly to move the heavy furniture to their new home. Other movers are there to help with the packed crates and more precious belongings, such as pictures and paintings, lamps and clocks. Still other movers are there strictly to unpack and clean each item that comes into the new home. We oil down every piece of wood furniture we can, and dust everything else. The movers and unpackers, or the groovers and shakers as they are often referred, are a vital part to the success in Here 2 Help. They have been thoroughly trained to assist the Senior in any of their needs, wants, and to soothe any anxieties they may have. They are more than just the muscle behind the beauty of this woman owned business. The entire time everything is getting unpacked and orgainized, the Senior is with a family member or in another part of the building, so again, they don’t feel like they’re in the way. We feel this removes unneeded and unwanted stress from the Senior.

As the unpackers unpack, they wipe down and clean every piece of furniture and personal item they can. They organize the entire apartment to give the Senior a fresh start to their new beginning. We hang up pictures, paintings, and set out any other decorations to help the Senior feel like they’re at home. We organize cabinets, dressers, and closets to satisfy that fresh, new feel for the Senior. If necessary, we even set up cable and internet services for the move in day. We set up computers, organize desks, and have even organized and rearranged file cabinets.

At Here 2 Help, we understand that there is nothing easy about moving, which is why we aim to make the transition from one home to another as seamless as possible. If we cannot move and hang pictures up in one day, we will be back to tie up any loose ends that need to be tied up on a date previously agreed upon by the Senior.

If we can hang everything and unpack everything in one day, which is usually the case, we are not going to disappear! We know that even with our help and care, transitions take time, which is why we are never more than a phone call away. We will come back if needed to assist the Senior with further needs. After all, we are Here 2 Help!

One of the many benefits provided to you from Here 2 Help is you do NOT have to be charged hourly. We have package pricing which most Seniors choose and greatly benefit from.

Our package pricing includes:

1. Measure:

We visit your new place and measure the rooms and the wall spaces for wall art. We will measure your furniture to help with the next step.

2. Determine:

We work with you to determine what will fit and what won’t fit. This step can sometimes take 2-3 visits. We do this with love, patience, and understanding.

3. Wrap-N-Pack:

We carefully wrap and pack all items that you’re taking. We organize and you help by decisions but will not have to lift a finger.

4. Move:

We carefully and conscientiously load up the truck and van. We offer our timing for the trip and meet you at your new location.

5. Unpack-N-Place:

Everything will be unpacked and placed in the agreed upon locations in the apartment. We put away all household items neatly.

6. Clean:

We wipe down and clean all furniture and decor. You will be so pleased having a nice clean place to start your next chapter.

7. Arrange:

Arranging decor is something we take seriously. We have a knack for decoration and our goal is to create a place that is welcoming to you.

8. Assemble:

Sometimes furniture will be unassembled for the move. We’ll make sure it is all re-assembled and placed correctly.

9. Hang:

Seems simple but this step REALLY makes a big difference. We hang wall art and decor*. This really makes your place a home!

10. Welcome!

Welcome HOME! Your home is complete and we’ll walk you through to familiarize you with placements.