Here 2 Help offers Clean-Out/Buy-Out services.

These services can be utilized in conjunction with a move or on its own. Some situations that may call for these services are things like:

  • Clearing a room or a home after the owner or spouse passes away.
  • Clearing a room or a home after a Senior move.
  • Clearing a room or a home to get ready for a pending move.
  • Clearing a room or a home of a relative’s estate that has finally been settled.
  • Clearing a room or a home to prepare for a remodel or construction.

Working in conjunction with a Pack-n-Move, we find many Seniors and their families need this service. The move is finished. The Senior is in their new home. Their personal things are hung up, their items unpacked, their closets organized. The Senior is adjusting to their new home, but something is still looming over their head. Their old house is sitting there filled with everything that would not fit into their new home. So, the question is, what does the Senior do now?

Never fear! Here 2 Help, we have that answer. In addition to our coveted Pack and Move service, we offer another invaluable service known as Clean Outs. We will clean out the Senior’s old house and get it “broom ready” for the Real Estate agent, and just like with Pack and Moves, the Senior doesn’t have to lift a finger.

What does “broom ready” mean? It means we will not deep clean the house, but we will make sure it’s swept and ready for the Real Estate Agent to show when the time comes. If the Senior decides they want it to be more deeply cleaned than what a broom can do, don’t hesitate to call us. We are flexible and can work with the Senior or the family member to accommodate specific needs.

If a cleanout is something the Senior decides they would like, we meet with either the Senior or a trusted friend or family member at the Senior’s old house to go assess their belongings and offer a bid of the number of hours it will take us to complete the cleanout. If there are items in the home that have resale value, we will also offer half of what we would be able to sell it for. We are not only extremely experienced in the needs of Seniors, but we are experienced in the resale value of furniture or other fun knick-knacks the Senior may own. This is a consultation, and all consultations with Here 2 Help are absolutely FREE. Our main mission is to take away stress from the Senior, so we will not charge for a simple consultation.

Once the bid is accepted by the Senior, we get to work! We have multiple experienced employees and we work hard and we work efficiently. We are paid hourly for this service, but to ease the Senior’s mind, we offer a minimum/maximum bid. What this means is we estimate the minimum and maximum amount of hours the cleanout will take. If we exceed our maximum number of hours, the Senior does not pay. If we take longer, that’s our fault, and we will absolutely not charge extra. Here 2 Help finds this helps with efficiency on our end and trust on the Senior’s end. We don’t believe in lollygagging, we only believe in hard work, and the Senior’s final bill will reflect that.

Here 2 Help, we realize the old house of the Senior is filled with precious memories and household necessities. The employees of Here 2 Help treat the Senior’s items with the utmost care and respect. Our highly trained employees are empathetic, kind, and knowledgeable. Just like with our Pack and Move service, everything that was left behind in the Senior’s old house is carefully packed in our own crates, loaded carefully onto our trucks, and unpacked carefully into our facility where we either sell the items or donate them, whatever was agreed upon by Here 2 Help and the Senior. We know that precious memories are tied to most items the Senior has to leave behind. We are honored to help the Senior and we would never betray that honor or trust. Here 2 Help cares for every item as if it were our own; carefully, and with love.

Now that the Senior’s house is cleaned out and broom ready, what are they supposed to actually do with the house? No problem! At here to help, we work directly with Real Estate agents and will gladly refer them to the Senior at no extra cost to them. If no Real Estate agent referral is needed, no worries! We will work closely with whatever Real Estate agent is selling the Senior’s house, and in many cases, we will be the point of contact for the Real Estate agent and the Senior. This includes, but is not limited to, being on-site for Real Estate Agent appointments, transporting the Senior to closing, answering phone calls, advocating for the Senior throughout the entire process, and anything else that may come up! All we want is for the Senior to be happy and satisfied, and we go above and beyond to make that happen!

We work in Franklin County, St Louis County, St. Louis City, and ALL surrounding counties including, but not limited to, St. Charles, Warren, and Jefferson Counties. If you’re not sure we service your county, just ask! We are a simple phone call away. If we cannot help you, we will find someone that can!

If you’re overwhelmed after a parent or spouse has passed, we work with the utmost respect for your situation and will accommodate your needs during this very difficult time. We know how hard it is to start this process. Give us a call, we’ll make it as painless as possible. We’ll discuss our process and leave you with comfort knowing that Here 2 Help will WORK for you. We will get it done without adding extra stress or anxieties.

There are so many times I hear how overwhelmed people are after their parents died or their parents moved to a facility and now it’s their job to empty the home, and on top of that all of this happened 8 months ago! Plain and simple: we get it. We have a lot of experience with folks that have been overwhelmed to the point of inaction. There is no reason to feel inadequate, please give us a call. We will help you through every step of this heartbreaking and painful process. We work with integrity, professionalism, and kindness. We understand how hard it is to be overwhelmed by the project ahead. Take the load and stress off of your mind and leave it to us to handle this painful process with kindness and understanding. After all, it’s in the name. We are Here 2 Help!